The Difference Between
Inside Yoga and Inside Flow

People who are new to this community often confuse Inside Yoga and Inside Flow. Let’s take a closer look at the differences:
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  • Inside Yoga is a fundamental style of yoga.
  • Inside Yoga classes are very diverse. Depending on the type of class it can focus on alignment, vinyasa or therapeutic aspects.
  • The vinyasa krama of an Inside Yoga class is sequenced according to a peak pose or the general theme of the class.
  • To teach Inside Yoga classes you need to complete a 200h Inside Yoga training.
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  • Inside Flow classes always focus on music. At the center of each class is one specific song.
  • The sequencing is designed to learn a choreography of asanas that fits to this song.
  • In Inside Flow, you’re singing a song with your body & mind. It is an evolution of Vinyasa Flow.
  • To teach Inside Flow you need to complete an Inside Flow training and register your license on