The History behind Inside

Get to know how the Inside world evolved and what steps it took.

new to yoga

Young Ho attended his first yoga class ever in Encinitas, California. The taekwondo master was amazed by the ease and powerful calmness he experienced.
2000 - 2007

learn from the best

After several teacher trainings with David Swenson (Ashtanga), Shiva Rea (Prana Vinyasa), Bryan Kest (Power Yoga) and John Friend (Anusara) the popular videos of Rodney Yee inspired Young Ho to bring yoga to Germany.


years of hard work

Hardly anyone knew about yoga in Germany at that time. Young Ho slowly started to teach “mental balance” (a combination of zen gymnastics and yoga). He worked hard for many years and introduced people to yoga.


founding Inside Yoga

After the yoga studio he was working for went bankrupt, Young Ho turned a bitter ending into a new beginning and opened his own studio: Inside Yoga in Frankfurt, Germany.


creating Inside Flow

Only a few months later at a yoga retreat in Austria, Young Ho had the idea to connect the steady breath of a vinyasa flow to the beat of modern music. Inside Flow was born that night.


there is no try

The next step of the yoga evolution was the launch of the premium online yoga platform TINT: Your digital space to practice Inside Yoga online and attend online teacher trainings from anywhere.

ever since

evolution of yoga

The concepts and techniques of Inside Yoga are growing, changing, evolving ever since. With affiliated partner studios the Inside Yoga community grew bigger and bigger. Today Inside Yoga teacher trainings are held all over the world.