Become an Inside Yoga Teacher

Are you ready to change and grow into the best yoga teacher you can be? Your journey inside starts now.

The Inside Yoga Academy

Learn everything you need to know about alignment, vinyasa, adjustment and teaching skills with a science-based approach from the best Inside Yoga Senior teachers.

Yoga Alliance Certified

All Inside Yoga Teacher Trainings are certified by the american yoga alliance and meet the AYA guidelines.

What Inside Yoga Teacher Means

It is not just a title, it is an important role with a clear purpose:

  • Being a certified Inside Yoga Teacher means you successfully complete the Inside Yoga Teacher Training and registered your certificate.
  • You know how to lead a yoga class with healthy alignment, thought-out vinyasa krama, helpful adjustments and teaching skills.
  • You are part of the global Inside Yoga family dedicated to sharing this style of yoga.
  • You are guiding the people in your classes towards health and happiness and lead them on their way inside to their inner guru.

Inside Yoga Teacher Trainings

Ready to become a teacher?

The Inside Yoga Teacher Levels

The career of Inside Yoga Teachers is structured in different levels

Level 1 - Certified Inside Yoga Teacher

200h Inside Yoga Teacher Training

At first you go through basic training. After 200h hours and a successful exam, you get your certificate and can teach Inside Yoga classes.


  • Completion of 200h Inside Yoga Teacher Training
Level 2 - Experienced Inside Yoga Teacher

500h Inside Yoga Teacher Training

After basic training there are several additional trainings to choose from and complete another 300 hours of teacher training to reach this level.


  • Completion of 200h Inside Yoga Teacher Training
  • Completion of 300h Inside Yoga Teacher Training
Level 3 - Inside Yoga Expert Teacher

Mentoring With Inside Team (By Invitation)

The next step is a personal mentoring with Young Ho and his mentoring team. We will challenge your skills as a teacher and educator to help you upgrade your teaching to the Expert level.


  • Completion of 500h Inside Yoga Teacher Training
  • Working as a full time yoga teacher for more than 2 years
  • Experience in workshops, retreats, stage & shadow for teacher trainers
  • Completion of personal mentoring
Level 4 - Inside Yoga Teacher Trainer

Long-Term Partnership (By Nomination)

The most dedicated, hardworking and loyal long-term Inside Yoga Expert Teachers will become Inside Yoga Teacher Trainers leading teacher trainings globally.


  • Experience as Expert Teacher and support of Teacher Trainers
  • Nomination by Young Ho Kim