Level 2 – Affiliated Studios

Become an affiliated studio and deepen your connection to Inside Yoga and Inside Flow. Keep your studio name and identity but commit to teach a certain amount of Inside Yoga and/or Inside Flow.

What it means to be an Affiliated Studio

The Affiliated Studio is the next step of becoming an integral part of the Inside world. This is the best way to share your Inside love even more and offer workshops or trainings regularly.


  • Your studio is owned by a currently licensed Inside Yoga or Inside Flow yoga teacher OR hosts at least three weekly classes led by a licensed Inside teacher. For Inside Yoga you need to be at least Level 1 – Certified IY Teacher or higher and for Inside Flow at least Level “Silver” or higher depending on the class type you want to teach.
  • Pay the yearly license fee of 500€.
  • Your Studio hosted 4 workshops already in total over the last years.
  • Hold at least 2 Inside classes per week (either Inside Yoga or Inside Flow).
  • Hold at least 2 Inside workshops per year (either Inside Yoga or Inside Flow).


  • You are eligible to host unlimited Inside Yoga and Inside Flow classes, workshops and trainings. (Host doesn’t mean teach, you can only teach yourself if you have the necessary levels).
  • Get a premium studio profile on insideyoga.org.
  • You can create your own studio profile page in our community tool insideflow.com and post your events or other contents (click here to see an example page).
  • In cooperation with the official teacher trainers and ‘Inside Management’ you are allowed to organize Inside Yoga or Inside Flow teacher trainings where you will participate in the revenue. Organizing a training depends on the availability of the trainers and can’t be guaranteed. (As an “Official Studio” instead we guarantee at least one Inside Yoga 200h and Inside Flow Teacher Training per year.)