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Vision & Mission

Our Why

Maybe you ask yourself: Why are they doing that? Why are they questioning traditional yoga? Why are their teacher trainings focusing on science? Why are they changing so much? 

One reason is that change is a part of life. Change is the only constant and luckily yoga has the capacity to evolve with us. But also, there is a clear vision behind Inside Yoga that drives us in every yoga class, every teacher training and every decision we make.

We want to empower people to live healthier and happier on a physical, mental and emotional level. Happiness is an inside job!

In our vision being a yoga teacher is an appreciated job. We want to professionalize the yoga scene with knowledge and skills.

How we do it

To work towards these goals, we need to revolutionize yoga – make it more sound, trustworthy and suitable for the needs of people living in the twenty-first century. We question tradition, search for scientific answers and educate yoga teachers to become professionals and guide more people towards health and happiness.

A Social Movement