Become an Inside Flow Teacher

Learn, get inspired and ignite the fire in others. You will learn everything step-by-step you need to know for a successful career as an Inside Flow Teacher.

Learn the concepts of Inside Flow and create your own Flows

Learn everything you need to know about the principles of Inside Flow like flow sequencing, breathing and music. After the trainings you are ready to start you career and show your skills to the world.

Yoga Alliance Certified

All Inside Flow Teacher Trainings are certified by the american yoga alliance and meet the AYA guidelines.

What Inside Flow Teacher Means

It is not just a title, it is an important role with a clear purpose:

  • Being a certified Inside Flow Teacher means you successfully complete the Inside Flow Teacher Training (if you decide to start teaching you need to register your teaching license on
  • You know how to lead an inside flow class with the fundamental concepts of flow sequencing, breathing, music and storytelling.
  • You are part of the global Inside Flow family dedicated to sharing this style of yoga.
  • You are guiding the people in your classes towards health and happiness and lead them on their way inside to their inner guru.

Inside Flow Teacher Trainings

Ready to become a teacher?

The Inside Flow Teacher Levels

The career of Inside Flow Teachers is structured in different levels


Flow Lover

20 TRC

Silver Instructor

70 TRC

Gold Instructor

200 TRC + Nomination

Junior Teacher

400 TRC + Nomination

Senior Teacher

800 TRC + Nomination

Pro Teacher

1,000 TRC + Nomination

Master Teacher

More Information about the levels and benefits