Manuela Neddermeyer

About Manuela Neddermeyer

“As you wish to have lived by the end of your life, you can live now.”

Mark Aurel

A welcome companion in my life are challenges, changes and growth. The encounter and the inspiring yoga classes with Young Ho Kim gave me new impulses for big changes. After my yoga teacher training in Inside Yoga in 2009, many new paths opened up for me with small and large junctions. It was a great gift for me and I was ready to accept the gift. Determined and with great enthusiasm I started to explore new paths and many new experiences have enriched and filled my life, my mind and my heart. I am very grateful to discover and experience new things every day, to face big and small challenges and to be able to keep growing. It is a great pleasure for me in my yoga classes to continue teaching my experiences, sharing changes and thereby more consciously looking deeper, realigning and leaving the surface. Arriving in life, rooting yourself in depth and staying open in mind and heart. Be ready to accept the small and big gifts of life and to discover courage, love and devotion. Health and contentment are at the heart of my yoga classes. I would like to express my great thanks, respect and humility to all the teachers and students who accompany and support me on my way.

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