Disney Day at the European Summit in Mallorca, Spain

Only 2 more months until the Inside Flow community flows together for the European Summit!

After several creative brainstormings, the decision has been made: There are so many Disney songs, perfect to flow and sing along, that one whole day is dedicated to all-things Disney. If you joined last year, you probably remember our 90s Day. The Inside Flows you learnt from Senior and Pro Teachers were all songs from the 90s as well as their build-up playlist, and the Inside Flows created during the Junior Teacher Group Challenges were, too. The excitement for Disney Day is gigantic.

Senior Teacher Rebecca creating her Inside Flow magic. Photo by Yongsubi.

What are the news for this year’s highlight event in Europe:

  • The venue receives an upgrade and provides room for even more Inside Flow Lovers!
  • Pro Teacher Alexey joins again this year!
  • Senior Teacher Tora travels to Mallorca to flow with us all the way from Korea!
  • DJ Alessio has blown our minds in Bali with his playlist and energy – he’ll be in Mallorca, too!
  • A Disney Day

Flow along from the comfort of your home

Due to last year’s positive feedback, the Inside Team provides again an Online Stream as an option. It’s the perfect opportunity to flow with the global community for everyone who, for example cannot take off of work and family for a whole week, or who thinks a whole week of Inside Flow from morning to afternoon is physically too demanding.

The stage with Young Ho Kim, the Pro and Senior Teachers is also well-visible during the Online Stream. Photo by Yongsubi.

Within the six days of the Inside Flow Mallorca Summit, it is possible to purchase a 3-, 5- or All-Session Pass to join up to nine Live Sessions at 10 am (UTC+2) or 4 pm (UTC+2). Every day offers 2 sessions, except for Day 4 without any livestreams and Day 6 with one session at 3 pm (UTC+2). The teachers of these sessions will be announced two weeks before the Summit.

More information here: https://tintyoga.com/mallorca

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