First Inside Flow Pop-up studio worldwide in Munich, Germany

Munich has a new gem of a yoga studio: The first Official Inside Flow Pop-Up Studio ever is now open until March 24th with daily Inside Flow and Inside Yoga classes!

Inside Flow Junior Teacher Anissa had been dreaming of opening up her own yoga studio for a while, regularly on the casual scroll through the usual real estate and renting websites.

“When I saw this room I thought: ‘It’s perfect. Inside Flow is a different yoga style – and this studio is different. It has a rather rough urban design, no shiny wooden floor but a concrete floor. It makes it stand out from other yoga studios that are currently in-style – I absolutely love it!”

– Anissa Leu.

How to turn one room into a studio

Since the studio consists of one room, she had to find a fitting way to divide up the room for her future participants.

In the front, she set up a curtain wall to create a small wardrobe area with a welcome desk. At the other side, she put up a partition wall to block the view to the bathroom and to hide away mats and blankets, keeping the main area clean and still providing everything yogis could need.

At the fully-booked Grand Opening Ceremony both Inside Yoga as well as Inside Flow classes were taught. Photograph by Anissa.

What is a Pop-Up Studio?

The only catch? The room is only available for 10 weeks. Instead of giving up on it, she talked to Inside Flow founder Young Ho Kim, coming up with an adventurous solution: A Pop-Up Studio, meaning a yoga studio for a limited time. It is perfect to experience being a studio owner and to find out if the Munich community is ready for it.

A chance to flow with globally-known Teachers

Yesterday’s Grand Opening was joined by Senior Teacher Julia from Munich who team-taught “With Arms Wide Open” together with Anissa, a perfect song to begin the journey as it was also the song that Young Ho founded Inside Flow.

Michelle, Mirjam, Junior Teacher Anissa and Senior Teacher Julia during the Opening Ceremony.

During the next 10 weeks, Anissa invited several amazing teachers like Pro Teacher Hie and Senior Teacher Anna to teach Specials and Workshops on the weekends. Follow Anissa as on Instagram to be up to date.

What you need to know:

What? Inside Flow and Inside Yoga classes

Where? Augustenstr. 33a, Munich

How? Wellpass, Urban Sports Club, membership or drop-in through Eversports

Who? Junior Teacher and studio owner Anissa, supported by Inside Flow and Inside Yoga Teachers Michelle and Mirjam

Click here to find out more about how your studio can become an Official Inside Studio and other studios across the world.

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