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The Flow-Show with Young Ho Kim

Are you still searching? Looking for pure joy of life and pure connection? For something that makes your heart dance? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Go on a journey inside and discover the power of Inside Flow.

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You don’t know what Inside Flow is? Then watch the video to learn more ⬇️

At the Flow Show you will learn how to use a modern and intelligent combination of yoga movements, music, beats and breathing to…

  • get into the flow state
  • forget the worries of everyday life
  • live out your creativity
  • discover a new love for yoga
  • move safely and healthily in the asanas
  • feel happiness, deep emotions and above all true joy

You love music and Vinyasa Flow? This combination will make your heart sing!

Experience the goosebump moments of an Inside Flow practice in our brand new format:

The Flow Show with Young Ho Kim

Experience what fascinates hundreds of yogis in Germany and worldwide about the Inside Flow practice. With a little luck you will get the chance to discuss your questions directly with Young Ho Kim and his team in a live coaching session.

Whether you are a first-time Inside Flow practitioner or a long-time participant, this is your chance to get one of the seats free of charge to experience the founder of Inside Flow Young Ho Kim.

The Flow Show is a new format in which Young Ho Kim and his team of experts take yoga practitioners and teachers behind the scenes of his successful vinyasa style Inside Flow.

Together with his team, he will reveal best practices, answer questions from the audience and help with proper alignment so that you can flow even more smoothly and gracefully in the movement.

There will also be the opportunity to be individually coached by Young Ho live on your personal focus topic.

Free Online Workshop

“What Young Ho has created is insane and simply BAM” – Martinique from Germany

Inside Flow for me means being able to live out creativity and I don’t just mean that in terms of creating new flows, but also taking existing flows and connecting the lyrics with your own personal storytelling.

Catherine from Braunschweig
The endorphins that come from an Inside Flow class are just amazing. When you achieve something for an hour. You don’t think much. You don’t think about everyday life. Then the climax comes and I’ve achieved something. Physically achieved something.

Michelle from Zurich
The wonderful thing about Inside Flow, I think, is that it works with any music and with any level of physical fitness. That totally inspired me – to be able to offer it too.

Raphaela from Vienna
When I practice Inside Flow I feel much more fluid and graceful, I can see a change from my first flows and those of today, which are much more fluid.

Anke from Krefeld
Once, when I came home from an Inside Flow class, my boyfriend at the time said: you can’t buy happiness, but you pay for a workshop and come home completely happy. 💕

Young Ho’s Inside Flow classes make me feel proud of myself and what I have achieved.

Jessika from Nuremberg
What Young Ho has created is truly revolutionary. It corresponds to the time and consciousness. He demands, yes, but the feeling you get when you practise Inside Flow is just brilliant. Hats off and keep it up!

Nathalie from Switzerland

I was hooked from the first second and from the first flow. I sat on the bed and cried after the first flow and I knew this is exactly what I need. The combination with the music, it’s really addictive. Inside Flow is such a great movement. You are allowed to be with yourself and be so individual and yet you fit into a community. You are allowed to experience this power and pass on something so wonderful. Just simply wonderful.


Your coach: Young Ho Kim

Founder of Inside Flow and Inside Yoga

Hi, I’m Young Ho Kim.

During a trip to New Orleans in 1996, I fell in love with music, and two years later I was introduced to yoga in California. Eventually, over the years, I became a determined scholar, learning from leaders around the world. I originally learned yoga in the traditional way, but realised that we also needed to embrace scientific development. This is how my own style Inside Yoga was born, which I founded in 1999.

I have now been sharing my vision of yoga for 22 years and have inspired thousands of people. In total, I have nearly 10,000 certified yoga teachers and more than 100,000 yoga class attendees.

According to the press, I am considered one of the most influential yoga teachers in the world, which makes me both grateful and proud.

I can teach you,

… how to playfully get into a flow state with my method Inside Flow and let go of the worries of everyday life.

… how to improve your technique, embrace your story and make your movement your own.

… Develop a much deeper appreciation for yoga like you’ve never experienced before.

Free Online Workshop

In this free 90-minute live event…

you get the opportunity to ask Young Ho your personal questions that are burning on your mind.

experience the effect of the flow state in an Inside Flow practice, together with other yogis.

With a bit of luck, you’ll get the chance for a crisp live coaching session – are you up for it?

you get the chance to get to know Inside Flow – or, if you’ve been with us for a while, to check in again and get up to speed.

Experience Young Ho Kim, Teacher of Teachers, live and in colour and get the exclusive opportunity to meet the person behind the globally successful yoga teacher in a personal setting, ask your questions and flow with him and like-minded people.

What else awaits you?

  • Experience the goosebump moments of an Inside Flow practice on your own body. Inside Flow is like a portion of happiness in a glass.
  • Hear the stories behind Inside Flow and why it is so successful as a yoga style.
  • Expand your knowledge with the help of our coaching and best practices.

So many beautiful reasons to be there

  • When was the last time you had complete goosebumps? Experience the goosebump moments of an Inside Flow practice on your own body.
  • Finally working up a real sweat? If so, then really, Inside Flow is the best way to sweat …
  • Have you been running all week again and haven’t had a moment to forget the daily grind? Let go and treat yourself to some time out, discover the power of Inside Flow.
  • Are you still deep in hibernation? Playfully enter a state of flow and feel the feeling of lightness.

Free Online Workshop