KONG. performs at Inside Flow Concert live in Taiwan

It all started with Senior Teacher Rebecca Rasmussen teaching the song “Stand With You” by the artist KONG. at the Global Summit in Bali in November 2023. But the Inside Flow to this song went viral when Inside Flow Japan published a video of their Inside Flow concert where Young Ho taught it forward.

It seems that even artist KONG. cannot help but be surprised by the popularity of his song in our community.

Inside Flow concerts are always very special occasions for which the Inside Flow community comes together from across nations.

How KONG. experienced his song going viral

In an Instagram video, the artist KONG. describes how one morning he woke up in the middle of the night to a funny feeling that wouldn’t let him fall back asleep. That’s when he checked his phone and couldn’t believe what he saw: The Inside Flow community was flowing to Stand With You at Tokyo International Airport!

Ever since, the Inside Flow community is teaching this beautiful song about togetherness and unity around the world – and now, KONG. is invited to join us in Taiwan! He couldn’t be more excited. On Instagram, he shares:

“I am so grateful for @insideyogaofficial + @dancinbecka – and every single teacher, studio and human being who has shared this song, flow and message around the world. The way we have connected has filled my heart with so much love. You have inspired me. I wish to honor each of you by continuing to spread this message of togetherness and to stay connected to you. I love you all from the bottom of my heart 💚 I #standwithyou”


The Inside Flow Concert in Taipei, Taiwan, is on March 17, 11 am – 4:00 pm.

We are so excited to flow – are you, too?

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